A Brief History

Fishing Lake First Nation members can trace their origins to central Canada. We belong to the Anishnabe Nation – also referred to as the Ojibwe.

Through their contact with European settlers that continued to push westward the ancestors of the Fishing Lake First Nation migrated west to avoid encroachment and finally settled in their current area.

Chief Yellow Quill was the Headman in the late 1800's. Chief Yellow Quill signed Treaty 1 on August 3rd 1871 at Lower Fort Garry, Manitoba and he also signed an adhesion to Treaty Four. He was the only Chief to sign two of the numbered treaties.

The Band, led by Chief Yellow Quill, moved from their location near Portage la Prairie, Manitoba to a location near Nut Lake, Saskatchewan sometime before 1885. For reasons unknown today Chief Yellow Quill's Band separated into three different Bands - one settled near Fishing Lake, another south of Melfort and Chief Yellow Quill’s group stayed near Nut Lake.

Timeline of Chiefs

From 1871 to 1964

From 1965 to Present